Why is carpet cleaning so important?

Regular carpet cleaning can have many benefits!

Many people choose to have carpets at their facilities or at their homes, either because of the comfort, the appearance or even the quietness that it can bring to the ambience. It is a gorgeous choice of flooring and an important part of decoration. However, this choice comes with great responsibilities.

When we stop to think about it, carpets can accumulate a certain amount of dirt as time goes by. This happens naturally, not only by the number of people walking over it bringing dirt and debris with their shoes, but also by casual spills or even the dust that settles in with time. With that in mind, we begin to see why carpet cleaning is so important.

Reasons to keep your carpet clean:

• To improve the appearance

This may seem obvious, but the truth is that many people only clean their carpet when there is a visible layer of dust on top of it. If you sweep or vacuum regularly, you can make sure that the dirt doesn’t have time to build up and your carpet will look even cleaner.

• To ensure the durability

A carpet is an investment for your establishment or your house. With time, the dirt can cause abrasion and irreversible damages. Therefore, it is of your best interest to keep your carpet clean so that it maintains its quality and it has a long life, protecting the money you spend.

• To improve the air quality

When entering a room, it is easy to recognize the change of air. If your carpet is dirty, this will also spread through the air, giving the place an odd smell with time. The bad smell can make people feel uncomfortable and give a wrong image about the space, be it house or a commercial establishment. Other than that, the dust in the air is also a problem for breathing, as it can make respiratory issues even worse, such as asthma.

• To get rid of pests and bacterias

Even if you are careful with the cleaning of your carpet, it can still hide many bacterias and microbes that are invisible to the eyes. These agents build up in the very bottom of the carpet, escaping the top part where they could get caught by a regular cleaning routine.

There are two pests that can normally be found in carpets, they are dust mites and carpet beetles. The dust mites usually search for a warm humid place to hide. They can be found in almost every house and can only be seen with a microscope. The carpet beetles are usually bigger and they feed on fur, dead skin, and other proteins. They reproduce really fast by laying eggs on the carpet.

• To prevent causing problems to your health

All of the elements mentioned above can be really dangerous to the health of everyone who has constant contact with a dirt carpet. The problems can range from respiratory issues, such as coughing, difficult breathing to skin irritations, such as rashes, itchiness, and many others. The dirt and dust can even trigger an allergy attack.

Our immune system has to do a lot more work to keep us healthy if we are constantly exposed to an unclean environment. The situation is way worse if there are toddlers exposed to this kind of hazardous area. Childrens have a developing immune system and as they spend most of their time at home in contact with the floor, they are at a greater risk of getting sick.

And how can we avoid all that from happening over a dirty carpet? Regular cleaning is always the right choice. Don’t let the dirt settle in, be sure to sweep and vacuum at least once a week. However, a regular cleaning routine may not be able to reach the bottom of the dirt. Even the most diligent houses can have problems in their carpets. 

Floor cleaning is always importante. If you want to be sure that your carpet is at its best shape for years to come and don’t want to harm people’s health, the best solution is to have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year. Here at Easy Clean, your complete cleaning solutions in Adelaide – AU, we believe that regular maintenance of the service improves not only the carpet but also facilitates staying in a cleaner and healthier environment. Don’t be afraid to contact us and get a free quote!

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