Cleaning strategies for the workplace during the Coronavirus pandemic

The importance of keeping your staff and your clients safe.

In 2020 we are experiencing several global crises. Fighting an invisible enemy has never been this complicated. The Coronavirus pandemic has been going on for almost a year now and we still have no prediction on how long it will last. While some people return to work, it is of extreme importance that companies focus on keeping a healthy work environment during the pandemic.

Professional environments bring together a large number of people in the same space for a large number of hours per day. Even though some establishments are working with reduced operations and staff, this is not possible for companies in the food and health sectors, such as supermarkets, pharmacies and hospitals. In fact, the increase in demand requires new cleaning habits in the routine.

The importance of a clean workplace during the Coronavirus pandemic

Keeping a clean work environment has many benefits, even outside of a health crisis. It has a direct relation with your company’s image. A client can be turned away by a dirty-looking establishment, as this reflects on your services too. Other than that, a clean and comforting area to work can motivate your employees, improving their performance as they are happy to come to work. 

We believe that a company is made out of people, therefore it is certain that business health depends on the well-being of employees and customers, inside or outside the company’s surroundings. It is well known that cleanliness means health. Hygiene is a fundamental step for the health and safety of all workers. 

Especially nowadays, the crisis caused by the new coronavirus is reinforcing the importance of adequate hygiene. In workplaces, the attention has to be doubled, since employees spend most of their time there. In this scenario, it is important to be vigilant: neglect of basic hygiene care exposes employees and consumers to the contagion of coronavirus and other diseases. Such risks can result in severe and irreparable losses for companies.

Cleaning routine for a workplace during the pandemic

It has become clear that companies need to include new habits in their cleaning routines so as to avoid the risk of infection or contamination. Even though some things may seem simple, they can make a huge difference. Proper sanitization of critical points is one of the main ways to prevent the proliferation of the new coronavirus. For this reason, the presence of a trained professional cleaning team is indispensable.

Different spaces require different care. Depending on the frequency of use or purpose, each environment of the company will require a specific cleaning routine, either in the constancy of cleaning or in the products used. Among the advantages provided by specialized corporate cleaning is the handling of the correct equipment for the job, being able to cover many areas in a more productive and efficient way.

Hiring an outsourced cleaning company is far from meaning increased costs. As it is a professional service, there is a reduction in the number of people and time needed to realize a task. The use of appropriate equipment and products results in time savings, that also results in financial savings.

Corporate cleaning is an indispensable item, especially at times like these, where the sanitization of common environments is a protective factor. The carelessness with the hygiene of these environments is capable of generating serious consequences for the company and for all the people who frequent these spaces. Complications can range from a drop in sales, negative brand perception, low team productivity, and even contamination of clients or employees. Cleanliness acts as a long-term investment by creating an atmosphere of intangible values such as hygiene, safety and care for customers and employees. Due to the current pandemic situation, the Easy Clean team understands the concerns and needs of the community and has developed a unique and specific service to combat COVID-19 in any establishment. We are your complete cleaning solutions in Adelaide, AU. Get in touch with us for a free quote for your job!

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